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Gaian Tarot Speaks Volumes to Me

Recently I came across a deck that speaks volumes to me, the Gaian Tarot. My clients seem to like them and those who are ill at ease about tarot cards often feel more relaxed with the Gaian Tarot cards. By Sheila Kelly Recently I came across a deck that speaks volumes to me. I always know if I'll be able to build a relationship with a deck, because I always shop in person. Many chain book … More ...

The Lakota Sweat Lodge Tarot "Satisfaction and Passion" card.

Tarot Review: Spiritually Connect with Lakota Sweat Lodge Tarot

Spiritually Connect to the Lakota Indian's Through the Lakota Sweat Lodge Tarot deck and book By Lady Eagle Feather The Lakota Sweat Lodge Tarot deck and book are based on the teaching of, Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer. Chief Lame Deer, a Lakota Sioux spiritual teacher and medicine man, acted as an advisor, for the creation of the book and deck. Ann Louise Goulene created the spiritual voices … More ...

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The Wisdom of the Fool

By Brian Newman Even today, the fool remains one of our most treasured personalities. We love our comedies and comedians. Is this because laughter is important to life and living, or does the fool go beyond this important goal? Or do we, intuitively, see it as a path to enlightenment? We are all born fools. We treasure our own childhoods, and we remember the simplicity of a time when … More ...

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Runes have been used since ancient times as a form of sacred writing (famously on Runestones and gavemarkers) and as a method of divination and magic or galdor.

Runes Speak From the Ancestral Heart

Getting Started with Runes By Larry Anthony Runes call to people. That's what I've always believed. You're either called, or not. Tarot, tends to be a universal go-to for divination. Runes are not sexy and collectable, like Tarot. Runes are ancestral. They call to the heart of some. Others never hear the call. To those it calls, they become an obsession. Divining with Runes If you've been … More ...

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Easy Tarot Guide does, in fact, make learning tarot easy—as long as you're willing to put the time into hands-on exercises.

Easy Tarot Guide: Easy if You Are Willing to Work

Easy Tarot Guide by Marcia Masino is just that—easy. If you're new to Tarot and not looking for the mystical hype and magical pizazz, Easy Tarot Guide might be for you. In keeping with her mission to write for those new to Tarot, Marcia stays focused on the fundamentals and—she does make it seem easy. And who ever said Tarot had to be complicated? Marcia, and I, think the basics are enough. The … [Read More...]


Book Review: Tarot in Reverse by Janet Boyer

By Josephine Nolan Tarot in Reverse is a major contribution to the tarot reader's deeper understanding of the symbolism of the Tarot, covering a topic many of us do our best to avoid. Subtitled Making Sense of the Upside Down Cards in a Tarot Spread it offers up an authoritative guide to reverses, and delves deeply into a broader universe of symbol roots, that include, according to the author, … [Read More...]

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